New: French translation, thanks to Mickael (M2ck on Github -!

New: Automatic day/night theme switching for the settings app and shortcut launcher.

  • If you are using Android Marshmallow or above you can enable the Location permission to help with this. There is no in-app UI for this but you can enable it manually via the system app settings if you want to.
  • New: Persistent mode, for those who are having problems with the widget not updating. Please note, this will add a persistent notification to your system notifications

    Fixed: Alarm complication will now show 12 noon correctly when using 12-hour time format.

    Fixed: The number 7 no longer shows overlapping sections when using transparent colors.

    Fixed: Some strange behaviour in list dialogs.

    Fixed: Several crashy things:

  • Workaround to compensate for some launchers reporting wrong dimensions when widget is resized.
  • Workaround to compensate for Samsung on some Samsung devices when requesting current wallpaper.
  • Better handling of invalid/corrupted touch shortcuts.
  • Two other minor fixes which each affected a single person.
  • 2.0.1

    New option to tweak automatic colour-picking to prefer lighter/darker colours.


  • When Muzei updates the widget should now immediately update its colour scheme.
  • Using the touch shortcut menu no longer replaces the main configuration activity in Recents (task switcher).
  • 2.0

    • Rebuilt from the ground up!
    • Optimised widget rendering code.
    • Muuuuuch more flexible colour options.
    • Flexible new date/time formatting options.
    • New option to change widget layout depending on device orientation.
    • You can now choose more than one app shortcut for when you touch the widget.
    • New option to change colour-syncing frequency.
    • Added links to make giving feedback easier - let me know of any problems!


  • Added 'Force persistence' to 'Other' menu. Please enable this if the widget has not been updating correctly on your device - otherwise there is no reason to use it.
  • Minor fix for settings menu animation.
  • 1.3.2

  • Removed unnecessary vertical padding in the horizontal layout.
  • Added 'Nothing' option to touch shortcut menu.
  • (Hopefully) fixed the bug that made the widget not appear in the widget list for some users.
  • Fixed certain images from Zyden (via Muzei) appearing in greyscale.
  • 1.3

  • New vertical layout option.
  • New option to add an outline to make the widget more easily readable.
  • Improved use of space in settings app on larger devices.
  • The bug that caused the widget to be invisible for some users should now, finally, be fixed. (I think... Please let me know if the problem persists!)
  • Fixed a bug that caused crashing for some users in the previous build.
  • I think that's everything.
  • 1.2.2

    • Minor update to enable integration with live wallpapers.
    • LWP developers have to add a little code to make this work:


    int color1 = Color.RED;
    int color2 = Color.BLUE;
    int color3 = Color.GREEN;
    Intent intent = new Intent();
    Bundle extras = new Bundle();
    extras.putString("lwp_package", getPackageName());
    extras.putInt("lwp_color1", color1);
    extras.putInt("lwp_color2", color2);
    extras.putInt("lwp_color3", color3);


    val color1 = Color.RED
    val color2 = Color.BLUE
    val color3 = Color.GREEN
    val extras = Bundle().apply {
    putString("lwp_package", packageName)
    putInt("lwp_color1", color1)
    putInt("lwp_color2", color2)
    putInt("lwp_color3", color3)
    val intent = Intent().apply {


  • Got rid of the placeholder emoji icon for the alarm indicator and replaced it with a simpler one that conforms to your colour scheme.
  • Layout is now adjusted when you have active complications so that the widget stays centered.
  • Added loading bar to settings app for when large images are loading.
  • Another attempt at fixing/working around the touch shortcut crash. Again, I still can't replicate this bug so please let me know if this is actually fixed.
  • Fixed crash caused by loading very large images from Muzei (again, but I think properly this time!).
  • Two other small bug fixes which were reported today.
  • 1.2

    This is a bit later than I expected - you go to add one or two little things and suddenly the menu looks all clumsy and you kind of have to redesign everything. Well, at least now there's plenty of room for new activities...

  • Rebuilt settings app with tabs to better accommodate the growing feature set. This also fixes several layout quirks from before.
  • New options to add current date and next alarm complications.
  • Fixed crash caused by loading large images (particularly from Muzei).
  • (Hopefully) fixed crash when trying to set a touch shortcut. Now if it fails you should see a snackbar with a button allowing you to try an alternative method which I hope will work! I couldn't replicate this error on any of my test devices so please let me know if this actually works.
  • 1.1

    • Muzei support! Your phone can now fully match your watch!
    • You can now choose an app to open when you touch the widget. It opens the settings app by default.
    • Tweaks and bug fixes including:
      • Added outlines to the colour selection boxes on Kitkat and below to aid visibility.
      • Fixed preview updates when toggling palette option on Kitkat and below.
      • (Hopefully) fixed layouts for devices with screens less than 320dp wide. Unfortunately I have no way to test this so please let me know if this actually improves anything!
      • Slightly tweaked widget layout so numbers shouldn't clip.
    • And finally, the APK is smaller.


    • The widget should now properly expand to fill the space you give it.
    • Non-animated time updates should now be immediate (animated updates have not changed and should still be accurate)
    • Thanks to +St├ęphane Mathis for his help!
    • Check out his version of a FORM widget (and wallpaper and daydream!) here:
    • Android version requirement dropped to 4.2. The animated widget still requires 4.4 or above, I'm afraid.