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My name is Michael Beaton and I live in Scotland, UK.

I enjoy making things with code and occasional electronics. You can view my public projects on Github and see a summary of what I've been doing recently (public and private) on the homepage.

Other interests:
  • Music: I play guitar, some bass, and infrequent piano.
  • Games: Mostly StarCraft II.
  • Languages: I have completed the German tree on Duolingo which is a nice start but I have not had much real-life practice.

While I'm not very consistent about putting new content on here, I do enjoy messing around with the nuts and bolts that make it work!

This site is powered by Django, PostgreSQL, NGINX and Celery running on an AWS Lightsail Ubuntu instance. The front end is built with SCSS, plain JavaScript, and React, and pre-processed with Gulp. The design and implementation is my own. is built with the Indieweb in mind. It supports microformats and webmentions (via my library, django-wm).

Related sites Example implementation and configuration tester for the django-wm webmentions library. Back-end for Commons for Android