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Quick and dirty build tool to allow reuse of ConstraintSet in multiple MotionScene files (for Android MotionLayout): github #eveningproject
A quick tool for visualising relationships between Django Models via ForeignKey, OneToOneField, ManyToManyField, and class/mixin inheritance: #weekendproject
Got some good work done on the snommoc backend these holidays - it's just about ready for use! Can start putting the new Commons Android app together now. Back to my actual job tomorrow though, so time will be short again...
New library: Webmention support for any Django model - has now migrated from a Raspberry Pi at home to an AWS Lightsail instance.
I've also added a few simpler content types (such as these notes) to make it a little easier for me to post stuff more frequently.
To remedy that, I've added an automated summary of my latest Github commits. That, at least, will be kept up to date!

Modular 3D Printed Vinyl Display

An overengineered solution for hanging records on a wall.

Commons rewrite progress

UK politics for Android

Rubberneck circuit switcher

A guitar pedal to move other pedals in or out of an effects loop.

Arduino lightbox

Revisiting an old project

SCII Achievements Manager

Organised achievements for StarCraft II