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Orbitals: Kotlin multiplatform gravity playground: [webapp] [github]
Last year I made a MIDI delay with an arduino, then I delayed posting about it until now: [github] | demo: [youtube] | bloopers: [youtube]
First experiments with blender 🐿️
3D printed clip-on cover for a laser: [thingiverse]
Migrating from Jetpack Compose alpha ⇨ beta be like
Quick and dirty build tool to allow reuse of ConstraintSet in multiple MotionScene files (for Android MotionLayout): [github] #eveningproject
A quick tool for visualising relationships between Django Models via ForeignKey, OneToOneField, ManyToManyField, and class/mixin inheritance [github] #weekendproject

Modular 3D Printed Vinyl Display

An overengineered solution for hanging records on a wall.

Commons rewrite progress

UK politics for Android

Rubberneck circuit switcher

A guitar pedal to move other pedals in or out of an effects loop.

Arduino lightbox

Revisiting an old project

SCII Achievements Manager

Organised achievements for StarCraft II