Stuff you can see

  • Generally improved consistency and usability.
  • Much improved surfacing of content. I don’t write much in the way of blogs or articles so the main feed now includes changelogs and apps too.
  • Along the same lines, much better search functionality - also includes links to Github repositories.
  • Added ‘Toys and Tools’ quick-links to fun or useful webapps.
  • Redesigned Github UI now displays info on closed issues and merged pull requests as well as recent commits.
  • Improved contextual color themes.

Stuff you can’t see

  • Complete rewrite of Django templates.
  • Complete rewrite of SASS/SCSS.
  • All React and JavaScript converted to TypeScript - including Gulp build scripts.
  • Front-end tests with Jest and Cypress.
  • Complete rewrite of Github API integration.
  • Better integration of content from Github API with our own content.
  • Improved admin interface.

Basically a whole bunch of things that been annoying me for ages. The overall site structure is now much simpler to work with - for me and hopefully for you too :)